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    The idea is to have a list of the softwares for which support is required on Android to get real productivity. We will try to get status for them and alternative android software.

    General :
    – Open-office : current android port does not work properly on desktop mode.
    – Notepad++
    – codeblocks

    – Paint
    – Inkscape
    – GIMP
    – Lightworks

    – FreeCad
    – Catia
    – Solidworks
    – Kicad
    – Altium
    – Eagle

    – Filezilla

    – Etcher
    – Win32diskimager

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    Do you want to integrate the online services ? From Google or Microsoft by example.
    There’s a lot of them rignt now, even for image processing.

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    Online services? What do you mean for example?
    It makes me think of web applications, but that part is already working well, as those can already be accessed from android browsers.

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    Yes, web applications.
    So u want to talk about standalone applications only ?

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    Yes indeed. Desktop application are currently the only limitation of desktop mode.

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    Have heard of the project named maruos?
    Basically, it’s a android that run a Linux image.
    This image can be accessed by vnc, the screen can also be casted. You’ve got a true and fully accessible linux distribution.

    I tried it on a Nexus 5 and is pretty cool on the concept.
    I used my smartphone as a computer. I cast on my TV and controlled it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

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    Comme tu souhaites développer le concept autour d’Android One (Donc pas de surcouche très bonne idée), la communauté des sphères Open-source sont-elles un appui pour toi?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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