Pissed by manufacturers bad design choices I came up with OneDevice

Size comparaison of OneDevice with other mainstream smartphones
Size comparaison of OneDevice with other mainstream smartphones.

I don’t know what happenned in the mind of smartphones manufacturers, but they all started to make very big, unpractical phones.

And the craziest part, is that today there are bezel-less, round-corners LCD that takes most of the phone surface. This means that OneDevice can have a 5″ LCD (bigger than 4.7″ display of ***one8 for example) while (almost) keeping the height of an ***one4!

So we could be having small convinient phones with actually big screens. And instead we’re carrying around fridge-sized phones!!
Let’s say STOP to this madness!

16:9 VS crazy 19:9 or even 21:9 giraffe aspect ratios

When manufacturers reached the maximum width that one hand can hold (around 75mm) then they went right up. Resulting in crazy aspect ratios, giraffe-style smartphones. And this extra size is 100% useless most of the time !

16:9-media comparaison

16:9 media on a 19.5:9 smartphone
16:9 media on a 19.5:9 smartphone.

 16:9 media on a 16:9 smartphone.
16:9 media on a 16:9 smartphone.

The fact is, most media use 16:9 aspect ratio. So wider screen than that results in black strips on the side. So you just carry around this useless screen area that still drain battery.

Giraffe “No-Thumb-Zone”

Well I think it’s pretty self-explanatory… The wider the phone, the less your thumb can reach out. Big phones are just not convinient.

Home screen comparaison

Giraffe typical home screen

Because of the no-thumb-zone, typical Home screen of giraffes usually don’t have much icons. The top of the screen is not much used.

OneDevice typical home screen

Because your thumb can go everywhere on the screen, you can actually have more usable icons on the Home screen!


OneDevice brings 4 Devices in 1

Why settling for a better-sized smartphone when we can reach out to make the best freaking awesome device possible?

Device 1 : A Flagship-Killer Smartphone

Did you knew smartphone production cost is only around 35% of retail price? That’s because there’s a lot of middlemen each taking their share of profit.

In order to bring you flagship-level specifications at a reasonable price, we will sell only on our website. Cutting all middlemen and prenium-overcosts.

Approximate specs :

  • An awesome camera. This is a must for any smartphone.
  • Headphone Jack
  • 256GB storage
  • 4GB memory
  • 5″ Amoled 1080 x 1920 px
  • Octa-core 2.3GHz
  • Dimensions : 118 x 68 mm
  • Stock Android – No bloatware

Those specifications will be determined precisely with you before launch on the forum.

Device 2 : E-reader

OneDevice has 2 screens, one front normal display, and a epaper screen on the back.

Dual-screen smartphone is just an awesome concept which never reached Europe and America.

But having myself used such a phone for years, I can tell you this feature is just awesome.

If you like reading it’s obviously awesome. But even if you’r not much into reading, the ePaper screen is always on, showing time, meteo, notifications and so on. And help you save battery in critical situations!

Device 3 : Desktop computer

Did you knew Desktop Mode of Android smartphone?
It let you use your smartphone as a computer. With mouse cursor, resizable windows and so on.

OneDevice will have Video-over-USB-C and a desktop mode. Letting you get the most out of your device!

You’ll be able to use OneDevice on Keydock docking station. Keydock is already developped and ready to be manufactured. Check out more at www.oreason.io!

Device 4 : Laptop

The same way you can use OneDevice on Keydock to make a desktop computer. OneDevice can dock to laptop shells.

We plan to make a Laptop-docking-station with a hole instead of the trackpad so OneDevice can fit in there to give a real laptop-like experience.

This is not difficult to design, but we need to make OneDevice first for obvious reasons!

Interested by OneDevice? Sorry but you CAN’T have it.

Smartphones are not difficult to design but the MOQ (minimum order quantity) to manufacture is currently too high (200 000 pieces). So right now you just can’t get it, you’re stuck with your fridge sized phone or your 2012 phone.

The only way you could get it in the future, is if enough people sign-in to show their interest. This means that it will NOT happen without you!

To become a reality it must become viral. To achieve virality I built a referral system to encourage you to share OneDevice. The more “OD-Points” you have, the bigger the discount you’ll get on OneDevice! The 100 top ranked members will even get OneDevice for free on release!

Join us now and together we’ll put an end to this craziness!

Who am I? Pierre from France. I’m an engineer and I like to develop electronic products. My first creations were game consoles called Raspiboy, RetroStone and RetroStone2 which all launched successfully on Kickstarter. The idea of designing a smartphone have been in my mind for a long time as it’s very similar to game consoles. The only issue as stated above is the MOQ, so I hope you’ll join ! 🙂