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    Super projet !
    Je suis pas fan de l’écran E-Ink derrière mais hormis ça ça vend du rêve, mon XZ1 Compact attend désespérément un remplaçant.

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    Ravi que ca te plaise!
    Pour l’écran eink tu peux laisser ton avis ici :
    Ca me permet d’avoir une idée du nombre de personnes qui veulent vs veulent pas l’eink!

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    Hello ! Très beau rendu et merci pour tout ce boulot. Effectivement, il faudrait réduire au maximum la bande du bas. La caméra est très bien pensée mais je reste dubitatif par rapport à la perte de l’étanchéité IP 68 et la lenteur de la reconnaissance faciale qui en résulte. De plus, le fait d’avoir un écran e-ink à l’arrière pourrait perturber l’utilisateur car il ne pourra poser son téléphone sans peur de rayer un écran ou le fait de transpirer sur le dos du téléphone. J’espère aussi qu’on pourra avoir une reconnaissance d’empreinte sous l’écran 🙂

    PS : Le lien facebook de le description ne fonctionne pas :/

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    J’ai déjà répondu, mais merci du lien ! Je te souhaite plein de réussite dans ton projet en tout cas.

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    Renders are awesome. I’d like to suggest to remove headphones jack, instead put a infrared sensor.
    We have usb c, no need for jack.

    How much are the bezels of the chassis thick? Why did we have the thick bezel on the bottom?
    Iphone X is a good example to take in mind from 4mm to 5mm (width)
    The fingerprint sensor, if you mount on the side, would it be ok to make it large. More surface its better for unlocking purpose. A passive ultrasonic fingerprint would be awesome.

    Please take in consideration that 4.7 screen is really too much small. From 5 to 5.15 its a better range. (Width move from 59 to 64. 5mm more is huge advantage in the usage and multimedia.)

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    @Nyix974 Pour ce qui est de l’étanchéité en effet ca risque d’être plus compliqué mais peut être pas impossible.
    Pour la reconnaissance faciale on l’aurait pas en effet. C’est le gros désavantage de cette caméra.
    Pour les rayures, j’utilise un téléphone comme ca depuis des années sans avoir fait de rayures. Finalement les gens posent souvent leur téléphone coté écran et grace à la coque l’écran ne touche pas. Là c’est un peu pareil au final.
    Le lien facebook tu veux dire l’icone en bas de la page pour partager? Je viens de la testé et elle semble fonctionner.

    IR sensor is very likely to be implemented. As Eink can be useful to use as TV remote control. For audio jack I have a feeling lot of people want it so we’ll probably keep it onboard.

    One reason the bottom bezel looks big is because the phone is smaller. Though on current design it is bit bigger than others phones. I prefered to use 5mm lcd-bezel for the LCD to make sure we can do at least that if not better. Because customizing LCD is difficult so we are not sure we’ll be able to have super-slim bezel too.
    For fingerprint indeed it will probably be better if large enough. As phone will be a bit thicker than usual it should be no problem.
    About the screen size, both 4.7″ and 5″ are considered. It could change. When we’ll have a big enough community to launch we will run poll to get people thoughts on that.

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    Salut Pierre !
    Avant tout merci pour ce projet, je me languie d’avoir un smartphone moderne et de petite taille mais force est de constater que la norme aujourd’hui est de 6.5 pouces… n’importe quoi ! Des téléphones de 200 grammes maintenant… enfin bref :/
    Je voulais savoir si je peux me joindre aux forces vives en proposant mes services de graphistes 3D dont voici mon site web et pour exemple une reproduction de mon ordi portable
    Petite remarque: je suis plus chaud pour un 5 pouces moi ^^

    Allez les gars, force et honneur !

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    Salut! Oui bien sur pour les rendus 3D ca serait super! envoi moi un mail à pour qu’on en discute!

    Pour la taille définitive c’est encore en réflexion entre 4.7″ et 5″

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    I have an Iphone 7 and i feel like its the best smartphone for the “size” but not for the “display size”.
    I feel like a 4.7 inch is too small when someone like me use the phone with larger text. Not that im blind, but a 110/115% zoom on all the UI is perfect.
    So i might think that a 5 Inch is the perfect option…
    But do your research and fit whats most good!
    If you can send me some free cheap mockups i will be glad to help!!

    How much it would be weight and thickness?

    Would you do a notification led?
    Also when calling, would be amazing to reply and start the call on the eink side. Will you make a earspeaker also over there?

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    I tend to agree with @leorioki, def 5 inches would be perfect.
    For the mockups, may I suggest a free STL (copyrighted, of course), that everybody can download and 3d print at home?
    It would even make possible to test the popping up camera module, which sounds super interesting as well.

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    Hello there!
    Your smartphone is very very nice!
    If you want some tips about the name of device, what do you think about “DoublePhone” or “Ephone” (E as E-ink display).
    Sorry my bad english and have a nice day.

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    @Leorioki thickness will be around 10mm. This will let us have a big battery while having a small size, and a good camera in the pop up module.
    Weight is hard to predict. Though what is most annoying about weight is when phone is big, because the weight is not centered in your hand but above it. That’s why big phones feel heavy actually.

    For the mockup I already made some here just based on existing phones by taping extra elements. Adding a pencil on an iphone4 side will get you a very good approximation of 4.7″ mockup for instance 🙂
    And yes I can prepare STL. I have not printed any yet because of shutdown in France. I can’t get to a 3D printer.
    I’m also planning on making metal structure sample to be able to test the camera popup mechanism.

    @Slevin56 thanks for the name ideas. Yes we’re currently looking for name ideas as OneDevice is difficult to protect.

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    Is the design in its finals?
    I think I can help making it prettier:
    Also, if you need any help with WordPress/Site design, I have plenty of experience and willing to help!

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    Realistic, how much time we need for this phone? One / two years?

    I hope to be able to help you much as possible

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    Hey guys,
    @mee’s design are not final. I have done them in order to be as close as possible to what is actually possible.
    You help is definitly welcome if you want to give a hand for the wordpress and 3D! You can reach out by email at to discuss about that.

    @Paologaffu74 It’s hard to say. To make the hardware development and first production, it needs about 6-9 months. Though the big issue right now is that before starting that we first need a strong enough community to either launch on Kickstarter and fund the whole thing, or find investors to fund the project.
    So the most important is to bring more people in! Beside sharing the project to friends and family, the best way is to try to reach for journalist and ask them to write article about OneDevice. Everytime we have an article the community grows a lot.

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