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    Hi I’m Pierre from France!
    I’m an engineer and I like to create all kind of things! Product, 3D design, electronic design, software development, website dev, all kind of stuff. Definitly not markerting ! 🙂
    My first products are retrogaming consoles called Raspiboy, RetroStone and RetroStone2. More recently I developped Keydock and now working on OneDevice.

    Welcome to the OneDevice community!

    Who are you? what do you do? Let us hear about yourself ! 🙂

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    Hi, I’m Alain, from France.
    Engineer in the automotive engine industry R&D.
    Tech enthusiast since a long time and curious about this project.

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    Welcome Alain! 🙂

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    Hello there!

    I’m Greg from Poland. I’m here because I’ve supported RetroStone2 on Kickstarter (can’t wait to have it!) and I really like Pierre’s new projects and ideas. Keyboard with all the hiding nooks? Great! Small phone with secondary e-ink screen? My unfulfilled wish!

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    Hi Greg!
    Thanks for joining in !! 🙂
    I’m glad that you like my projects! By the way don’t hesitate to share them on Poland’s blogs and medias 🙂

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    Bonjour Pierre, moi c’est anthony, c’est une excellente initiative de votre pars pour créé se projet, je vais suivre cela de près.

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    Hi everyone,
    I’m Victor, software engineer and Android developer in Grenoble, France.
    I’m glad to see that i’m not the only one whose hands did not grow as fast as smartphones.
    Eager to see this project move forward.

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    Salut Anthony et Victor!
    Thanks for joining in!

    I’m glad to see that i’m not the only one whose hands did not grow as fast as smartphones.

    I love this way of presenting it ! 🙂

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    Merci les suggestions Google ! Je suis tombée sur l’article est l’idée est juste géniale ! Hâte !

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    Hello, it’s Fabien.
    A smaller phone than the tablets that have become smartphones ^^ and an e-ink screen in the back as the YotaPhone… exactly the two specifications that I was desperate to see on the market.

    well done for the Pierre initiative.

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    @Samax04 Super que google mette en avant l’article! Ca va permettre a OneDevice de gagner en notoriété!

    @Hi Fabien! That was exactly what I was desperate to see too! That’s why after my yota2 died and no more dual-screen phones were released in Europe that I decided to go for it ! 🙂

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    Bonjour je suis Laurent. Je travaille dans la logistique.

    J’espère qu’il y aura une prise jack.

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    Hey i’m Thomas from France !

    I’m very intetersting by this project, i hope that one day it could be Real !

    This is a good initiative !
    Have a good Luck for this.

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    Bonjour Laurent! Oui la prise jack est au planning! 🙂

    @Hi Thomas! Thanks for joining in!! From the amount of people that subscribed today after Frandroid article, it’s getting likely that OneDevice will become a reality soon !! 🙂

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    Je suis Sabine, conseillère clientèle et j’habite en France. Je suis ravie d’être tombé sur cet article sur Google, j’adhère complètement à ce projet et j’ai même hâte de le tenir dans ma main ! Je vais en parler à toutes mes collègues, elles vont être ravies elles aussi.

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