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    Hey guys,
    A question for the EPD (ereader display) is whether we use mat-glass or plastic.

    Glass looks better and feels better, but it can break. Plastic does not feels so good, but is shatter-proof.

    Also plastic layer would give us a “paper feel” when writing on it with a stylus. This would be better if we want to use it as a small graphic tablet. I think it could be very handy for doing small sketches or taking notes.

    What do you think?

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    Hi Pierre,

    I’d recommand plastic instead of mat-glass for the screen because I’d find more sustainable and handier to have a phone which can be very resistant especially to shocks.

    I know we have nowadays protections for mobile phones but given the fact we don’t want to make this phone heavier, I think solidity is important and also glass is heavier as a material conception.

    I hadn’t thought about using a stylus when taking notes, but I think it’s great idea knowing one can use it and takes notes faster.

    I hope this will help.

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    I agree with the proposition of plastic.
    I see only advantages: it’s lighter and less risk of scratches.
    Whereas I prefer, by far, having a glass on the main screen for the comfort of touch, I think that for epaper screen usage, it’s not mandatory.
    We’ll have less interactions with the epaper screen.

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    Hi Pierre,
    I think a plastic finish would be useful for the rear screen. However it would be good to think of fingerprints on the rear, perhaps a matte finish would be good? With a black background on the e-paper display, this could give a brushed aluminium look.

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    @Matuki plastic can scratch more easily than glass. That’s the main issue with using a plastic front.
    We could actually use plastic for both screens. But it gives a cheap aspect to the phone… The yota2 back panel does feel really good being glass.
    I’m still thinking on it.

    Hi! Yes you are right, mate is definitly necessary. Black borders yes too. 🙂

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    Definitively plastic. I love the touch effect of my Kindle but how to protect the plastic screen in this case ? using a higher thickness on the border ?

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    I think that we can achieve the same plastic pros, just with a screenprotector.
    Making the screen glass it would be better IMHO

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    Be aware that when you do touch e ink, for some reason the contrast will be lower.
    Just check with manufactures if plasitc will be better over glass.
    You should use the same materials weve seen on the Kindle Oasis for the screen or on the Kobo h20 or thr remarkable 2.
    Theb we can add an additional screen protector to it

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    Found this
    Amazing. This technology on this Phone will smash!!!

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    Plastic please. I don’t want it to break.

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    The most important feature of the e-ink display, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t reflect ambient light, to be comfortably readable in sunlight.
    So, a matte finish is a must, as opposed to a glossy finish.
    I enjoy very much the e-ink display of the Yotaphone2, though I don’t know if it’s made of plastic of glass.

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    I totally agree with you. I have been testing a glossy glass eink device and it reflect light too much. Matte glass is much better.
    Yota2 is made of matte glass. Indeed it feels really good.

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    Hello Pierre, I have a Yotaphone 2 smartphone for 1 year and it does not have a scratch, despite falling a few times.
    I think it has a Gorilla Glass on the E-Ink display.
    Why not use the same display on your smatphone? Plastic I think is a bad idea, if you want a comparison, look at the plastic of the Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS… it is very bad.

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    I think the best solution is the same matt glass of the yotaphone 2. And please, I want that every 5 minutes (or you can set it), the background change automatically

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    The back should be matte 🙂

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