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    Hey guys,
    A question for the EPD (ereader display) is whether we use mat-glass or plastic.

    Glass looks better and feels better, but it can break. Plastic does not feels so good, but is shatter-proof.

    Also plastic layer would give us a “paper feel” when writing on it with a stylus. This would be better if we want to use it as a small graphic tablet. I think it could be very handy for doing small sketches or taking notes.

    What do you think?

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    Hi Pierre,

    I’d recommand plastic instead of mat-glass for the screen because I’d find more sustainable and handier to have a phone which can be very resistant especially to shocks.

    I know we have nowadays protections for mobile phones but given the fact we don’t want to make this phone heavier, I think solidity is important and also glass is heavier as a material conception.

    I hadn’t thought about using a stylus when taking notes, but I think it’s great idea knowing one can use it and takes notes faster.

    I hope this will help.


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    I agree with the proposition of plastic.
    I see only advantages: it’s lighter and less risk of scratches.
    Whereas I prefer, by far, having a glass on the main screen for the comfort of touch, I think that for epaper screen usage, it’s not mandatory.
    We’ll have less interactions with the epaper screen.


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    Hi Pierre,
    I think a plastic finish would be useful for the rear screen. However it would be good to think of fingerprints on the rear, perhaps a matte finish would be good? With a black background on the e-paper display, this could give a brushed aluminium look.


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    @matuki plastic can scratch more easily than glass. That’s the main issue with using a plastic front.
    We could actually use plastic for both screens. But it gives a cheap aspect to the phone… The yota2 back panel does feel really good being glass.
    I’m still thinking on it.

    @adri Hi! Yes you are right, mate is definitly necessary. Black borders yes too. 🙂

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    Definitively plastic. I love the touch effect of my Kindle but how to protect the plastic screen in this case ? using a higher thickness on the border ?

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