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    I have just come across this and I really love the general thinking behind it. However, I personally only use my phone for texting, YouTube, listening to music and taking photos. So I’m fine with a very low spec phone. I currently own a Xiaomi Mi A1 and I’m very happy with it, it’s just to big. And I know many people who think similar to me. They crave a simple, medium sized and somewhat cheap phone. I think OneDevice should think about offering something to those people too.

    So features for a low spec phone could be:
    5″ 1080p 16:9 LCD screen
    10-15mm bezel on the bottom with iluminated touch-buttons outside the display
    4mm bezels on the sides
    4-6mm bezel on the top
    fairly high quality 12mp single or dual camera with pro mode that allows full control of the camera
    5mp selfie camera in top bezel
    fingerprint scanner on the rear or integrated in screen
    3,5mm headphone jack
    USB type C charging port
    64gb internal storage/3-4gb ram
    support for micro-SD card
    Android One

    Just everything as simple as possible. Refer to the Xiaomi Mi A1 for reference. That one has a 5,5″ screen, 4mm bezels on the sides and 17mm bezels on top and bottom.

    Let me know what you think. Regards

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    Hi Blockbuster,
    I think what you describe is indeed interesting and could meet lot of people expectation. I have been thinking about this solution too.

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    I agree this idea, but if we can have a good screen and good camera too 🙂

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    Well there are definitely high quality 1080p 5″ LCD screens in existance, so thats no problem. Camera, same story. But please no high megapixel bullshit. Just some high quality 12mp camera with big pixels. What I’d really like personally would be full control of the cameras ISO and shutter speed (also up to multiple second exposures if that’s possible) and also an option for Raw files (or at least psd).

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    Hi @Blockbuster,
    You say:

    […] touch-buttons outside the display

    Why do you prefer real buttons over virtual ones?
    I have no buttons on my phone and am very happy this way. I even use gestures (I have a OnePlus), so no button appears on screen and in my opinion, it is an advantage: no lost space and it become a natural habit quite fast for navigation.

    About the camera and parameters you want (exposure, raw…), it’s only a matter of software, not hardware.

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    Why do you prefer real buttons over virtual ones?

    Now that you say it, I would probably be fine without real buttons, I’ve just never had a phone without real buttons.
    I have since done a bit more research and came across the Sony Xperia XZ2 which I found to be the perfect phone, if it would just have a damn 3,5mm headphone jack.
    It has a bright and high quality 5″ LCD with 2160x1080p, so 18:9/2:1. A good 19mp main camera and a standard 5mp front camera.
    Further it has a Snapdragon 845 which would be overkill in a budged phone.

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    Huawei P20 does have a good IPS Screen. Id like the device to come with a similar version of that

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    Techniquement il faut peut-ĂȘtre trouver le bon Ă©quilibre entre une configuration lĂ©gĂšre (Pour les utilisateurs simples) et haut de gamme (Pour les technophiles) car le but est de touchĂ© le plus grand spectre de clients… sinon le projet va rester dans les tiroirs…. car lancer une gamme complĂšte tout de suite, c’est peut-ĂȘtre trĂšs ambitieux pour ce type de projet en partant de zĂ©ro.

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