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    Android 10

    Magic UI

    Linux-On-Dex (LoD)

    Maru OS : https://maruos.com/
    Oxi by Auxens
    Sentio Desktop
    Flow Desktop
    Librem 5


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    I’m always good for the “original”. So, it will be Android 10. No need to add another app and integrated solution should be more stable.


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    Android 10 is currently pretty barebones from the video I seen. I think they mostly released a developper version so developper can prepare desktop support for their app. So the native desktop experience will probably be for next android version.


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    I agree. But it will just be better and better.
    From my experience, if a big company invent the wheel, no need to try to do it too 😉
    Even if the “wheel” is not really good at first…


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    Indeed you’r totally right, we’ll most likely stick with the built-in desktop mode.


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    Sorry for the cross-post about maruos (I just saw this topic).
    I don’t know all of this projects in list but in my opinion, maruos is a bit different: it does not run desktop applications in native android environment but a Linux image which can run all Linux applications.
    In my opinion, it’s more efficient than porting all applications for Android.


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    Moi peut importe tant que souris clavier détectés et on passe sous Shadow PC !!!

    Fait un mois que je le test sur ma surface pro 3 !

    C’est très promoteur.

    Donc j’imagine le combo parfait.

    Au minimum utiliser une simple bureautique avec le launcher mode dock et si on veut plus passer par un tier ( voir possibilité de partenariat ? ) pour moi c’est ce qui manque à Shadow! C’est bien beau d’avoir l’application sur smartphone mais trop limité!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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