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    To me 4.7 inch Phone is a very good size… but for a bezelless i think its too small still.
    We should at least have a 5 inch display or anything less than 71mm in widht would be perfect for one hand use.
    If this is not convincing you, we could have 2 versione of the “OneDevice”:
    1) 4.7 Inch 16:9 (widht below 68mm)
    2) 5/5.5 inch 16:9 (widht below 72mm)

    I’d like to suggest the phone to have an LCD IPS (RGBW), the one mounted on the Huawei P20. That display is perfect… the best IPS made short.
    Why LCD? Simple. There is no PWM frequency, 0hz. IPS uses DC to regulate brightness. Thats very important. AMOLED Display’s use PWM modulation to regukate the brightness levels.. usually thats drive you to eyestrain, nausea, headhace, dizziness… etc..

    So despite LCD IPS being an “older” technology, i suggest it vs AMOLED that is very more expensive.. and make us feel bad. But if you can contact manufacturer and ask if they make a PWM free no flickering version of AMOLED displays thats would be awesome right? In that case AMOLED is welcome. But please dont spend more on hardware, to feel bad after 🙂 (for details on PWM search notebookcheck or ledstrain community)

    But why? Still not convincing you… Ok we could have 2 versione of the “OneDevice”:
    1) 4.7 Inch 16:9 (widht below 68mm) IPS 230€
    2) 5/5.5 inch 16:9 (widht below 72mm) AMOLED 290€

    What ya think? Keep in mind Iphone X is a perfect example to keep in mind for design. Just make that phone a 16:9

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    L’argument du 4.7″ ou 5″ est-il la caractĂ©ristique principal Ă  prendre en compte pour un tĂ©lĂ©phone compact… ne serait-ce pas plutĂ´t la taille du tĂ©lĂ©phone en cm… je dois changer mon Xperia compact, et j’avoue que trouver un tĂ©lĂ©phone aussi petit, si je me base sur les formats 5″ actuels, et bien ils sont tous trop grands en taille (CM)

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