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    Un fait je pense que l’option liseuse est un concept à mieux appréhender par les gens… je comprends que cela puisse faire ni chaud ni froid au début, mais après avoir cherché les avantages et inconvénients, cela peut sembler plutôt sympa car cela ouvre à un spectre large de fonction (Liseuse, pad, autonomie…)

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    I would be VERY EXCITED about an Eink screen, especially if it had the “mirroring” option like the old YotaPhone2 had. As I understand it, this feature was dropped after YotaPhone was sold to the Chinese and the YP3 was released. I used my YP2 Eink 98% of the time. I rarely need to see color to do my work or distinguish things clearly and so the “main display” was actually the “secondary” for my use.

    If you get to make OneDevice, please have the option to set either screen as the primary. I would want to see a matte finish glass like the YP2 Eink screen though. It was awesome outside and never glared in the sun. I have a Boox Nova 3 and it’s a nice device but the anti-reflective coating is not even close to the same level as the YP2 matte finish.

    Camera – I see your point about the pop-up camera being a one-step activation instead of two but I am skeptical that the pop-up mechanism wouldn’t invite debris into the inner workings of the phone and easily get broken or jammed. I think I would prefer a built-in camera.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant. I appreciate your desire to make a smaller, better phone!

    For those of you not familiar with the YotaPhone2

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    YotaPhone looks pretty cool.

    I went ahead and voted on the poll, thanks to Luke’s bump. ^^ Thread visibility FTW. I support any of these ideas, and I could go either way! You come up with really cool ideas Pierre.

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    Hi, I’m an it person and I use my phone a lot for everything and i wish for
    – a 256 or better 512 GB of internal memory,
    – docking capability,
    – dual application (like Xiaomi’s phone)
    – dual sim,
    – protection like a flip book one with compartments for cards.
    Thank you and want to see what It will have on the actually product

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    Je ne sais pas si l’idée du téléphone, à la base, était de le suréquiper, ce qui impacterait le prix, la cible clientèle, l’autonomie de la batterie, après, je ne pense pas que Pierre puisse faire un téléphone personnalisé dès le début, le projet initial étant déjà complexe à mettre en place.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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